Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kayleen Smith

Meet Miss Kayleen Smith

My name is Kayleen Smith and this is my second time to Haiti. I traveled to Haiti last year at this time expecting that is would change my heart but having no idea that it would so drastically change my life! I was completely broken by the poverty and heartache I saw in Haiti and then again completely revitalized by the passion, faith, and courage of the Haitian people. When I left Haiti last year, I made a commitment to never forgetting what I saw and to changing my behaviors to reflect the values I had established in Haiti.
In October, I headed to Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya is the prostitution capital of the world and home to drug use, abuse, poverty, and other heart breaking realities. I worked as a teacher for individuals with disabilities for 6 months as well as with the prostitutes, the children living in the slums, and orphans. Through this experience, God worked through me to make me aware of my passion for long term mission and to remind me of my skills and abilities. God worked in my heart and told me that there was a handful of gifts that I possessed that he wanted me using for his Glory. My time in Thailand was coming to an end and I was able to stay with the families of some of my students, many of whom live in similar conditions to people in Haiti. I was truly able to experience the daily reality of poverty by literally living it. And then it hit me.... I needed to go back to Haiti. So here I am today, going back to the place that stole my heart and changed my life.
I'm going back to Haiti as a year long missionary! I am starting my year with a short term mission because I have invited my best friend Emily and her husband, Jesrin to witness Haiti with me! I am so excited to see God touch their hearts and break them open for his glory! What I witnessed in Haiti last year is something I want to shout out for the whole world to hear..... And I'm starting with my best friend. God is good and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to serve the poorest country in the western hemisphere!

I am excited for Kayleen to live in Haiti for the next year and to start working with the children at Grace Village on life skills and independent living. I know Kayleen will have an exciting adventure and will learn an incredible amount over the next year! I am pleased that Kayleen is still able to join us for this short term mission week and to share the experience and Haiti with her friends!

To read more about Kayleen's long term mission work and to financially support her, click here:  Kayleen Smith  All donations are 100% tax-deductible!

Thank you in advance for all the support for Kayleen!

-Kristina DeMuth 

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