Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tercell Pryor

Meet Mr. Tercell Pryor 

"Hello, My name is Tercell Pryor and this is my first mission trip to Haiti . Helping others has always been near and dear to my heart, I've done volunteer work before and in High School I went on a small mission trip to Wisconsin to help tornado victims. But never something of this magnitude. It's very important to me as a man of color to set an example for my community and peers to show them that helping hands is not only limited to certain races. That together we all can help each other and also ourselves. Growing up I've seen commercials thinking I'd like to go help yet the opportunity never presented itself. That has all changed so I'm overjoyed to accomplish a lifetime goal of mines. God has put me in the right position and I'm taking full advantage of it. I'm a fun loving person that will pretty much always have a smile on my face for no reason . I find joy in God, family, friends, people, and music. What I'm looking to accomplish from this experience is a life changing connection with God. I know there are great things he wants me to do with my life. I'm hoping one day he gives me the resources and puts me in the financial position to give back even more and live out my dreams."

I am looking forward to having Tercell on this team of young adults traveling to Haiti. Tercell has a very positive attitude and brings energy to our team meetings. I appreciate his openness and his willingness to see opportunities of service. I have no doubt that he will be bring many smiles to the staff and the people in Haiti!! I believe Tercell is capable of doing many great things for the people in Haiti, as well as his community and peers!!

Consider financially supporting Tercell's mission trip to Haiti by clicking: 
Healing Haiti: Suport a Short Term  Missionary.All donations are 100% tax-deductible!

Thank you in advance for all the support!

-Kristina DeMuth 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kayleen Smith

Meet Miss Kayleen Smith

My name is Kayleen Smith and this is my second time to Haiti. I traveled to Haiti last year at this time expecting that is would change my heart but having no idea that it would so drastically change my life! I was completely broken by the poverty and heartache I saw in Haiti and then again completely revitalized by the passion, faith, and courage of the Haitian people. When I left Haiti last year, I made a commitment to never forgetting what I saw and to changing my behaviors to reflect the values I had established in Haiti.
In October, I headed to Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya is the prostitution capital of the world and home to drug use, abuse, poverty, and other heart breaking realities. I worked as a teacher for individuals with disabilities for 6 months as well as with the prostitutes, the children living in the slums, and orphans. Through this experience, God worked through me to make me aware of my passion for long term mission and to remind me of my skills and abilities. God worked in my heart and told me that there was a handful of gifts that I possessed that he wanted me using for his Glory. My time in Thailand was coming to an end and I was able to stay with the families of some of my students, many of whom live in similar conditions to people in Haiti. I was truly able to experience the daily reality of poverty by literally living it. And then it hit me.... I needed to go back to Haiti. So here I am today, going back to the place that stole my heart and changed my life.
I'm going back to Haiti as a year long missionary! I am starting my year with a short term mission because I have invited my best friend Emily and her husband, Jesrin to witness Haiti with me! I am so excited to see God touch their hearts and break them open for his glory! What I witnessed in Haiti last year is something I want to shout out for the whole world to hear..... And I'm starting with my best friend. God is good and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to serve the poorest country in the western hemisphere!

I am excited for Kayleen to live in Haiti for the next year and to start working with the children at Grace Village on life skills and independent living. I know Kayleen will have an exciting adventure and will learn an incredible amount over the next year! I am pleased that Kayleen is still able to join us for this short term mission week and to share the experience and Haiti with her friends!

To read more about Kayleen's long term mission work and to financially support her, click here:  Kayleen Smith  All donations are 100% tax-deductible!

Thank you in advance for all the support for Kayleen!

-Kristina DeMuth 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hannah Maxbauer

Meet Miss Hannah

My name is Hannah. I am very excited to be going on my first trip to Haiti! Previously I have done some service work in Tanzania and Ecuador. I had amazing experiences in both countries and am looking forward to another awesome time in Haiti. I am currently a nutrition dietetics student at the College of Saint Benedict. This summer I will be doing nutrition research at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. I am a huge Michigan sports fan! I also enjoy being outdoors, especially swimming, biking, running and hiking!

Hannah's love for the outdoors, for adventure, and for nutrition will make her a great fit with the rest of our team traveling to Haiti! Her experience in Tanzania and Ecuador will help her to acclimate to the experiences and opportunities Hannah will have in Haiti. Kristina is looking forward to discussing nutrition-related topics with Hannah since the two of them have similar nutritional interests and academic histories. While in Haiti, Hannah has received approval to conduct a research study related to the nutritional health of the children. The information Hannah will obtain from her studies will provide insight for the current nutritional work taking place in Haiti. 

Consider financially supporting Hannah's mission trip to Haiti by clicking: Healing Haiti: Suport a Short Term  Missionary. All donations are 100% tax-deductible!

Thank you in advance for all the support for Hannah!

-Kristina DeMuth and Sara Ross

(Team Leaders)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jane Margolis

Meet Miss Jane Margolis

My name is Jane Margolis. I want to go to Haiti because I went last year and it was amazing. I'm looking forward to the home for sick and dying babies, it's the best part of the trip! I had done mission work in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina and in Chile, but my trip to Haiti last year was the most immersive and extreme service experience I've ever had. I'm a graduate student in sociology at Boston College. I've been to 12 foreign countries. My favorite color is blue. Kristina is my friend. I am late doing everything she needs me to do for Haiti but she loves me anyway <3

We are excited to have Jane coming on our trip again to Haiti! Last year, Jane brought a great dynamic to the team. Her academic knowledge in sociology fueled many discussions and challenging conversations for team members, which helped them to dive deeper in their mission experience. If you couldn't tell by her brief bio, Jane also brings a sense of humor and lightheartedness to the team! We are thankful for her! 

Consider financially supporting Jane's mission trip to Haiti by clicking: Healing Haiti: Suport a Short Term  Missionary. All donations are 100% tax-deductible!

Thank you in advance for all the support for Jane!

-Kristina DeMuth and Sara Ross

(Team Leaders)